About Us

Picture it… In 2017, from a small desk at home with a nice cup of coffee brainstorming ideas for clients under Kemstyle Studios, there hit Kemar McZenna the vision of what we know today as Zenna Concepts.

The idea of Zenna Concepts was due to the large appeal of the corporate world for a prime multimedia company -such as Zenna Concepts- to work along with. Kemar McZenna then saw the need for there to be a new birth from Kemstyle Studios, a subsidiary with a professional brand that reflected and catered more to the commercial business. Now, Zenna Concepts is a multimedia based company that specializes in bringing high quality results to client satisfaction in content creation, media marketing, website/ graphic designs and any other multimedia needs.

Meet The Team

Kemar McZenna

Managing Director

Kimeka McZenna

Communication/Account Manager

Kemeisha McZenna

Copywriter/Proof Reader

Meet the Zenna Concepts’ dynamic team. Our team is combined with over 12 years of marketing experience working with top major clientele. Along with this base team, Zenna Concepts has a support team of diverse freelancers and other staff . The diligence and creativity of our full team ensures the highest quality of our products and ultimate client satisfaction.